Umbrella Program

Umbrella Program

So you’re thinking about homeschooling your child. Your questions may be endless. What does it take to get started? What curriculum should I use? How do I teach more than one child at a time? How do I grade my children’s work? These are all legitimate questions. Here at the Comenius School, we have answers.

The Comenius School Umbrella Program is that part of our school which allows our families to legally homeschool their children in Tennessee and beyond. We currently have over 900 students in Tennessee and surrounding states, as well as Indonesia and Iraq. Additionally, over the years we have served to partner with families who have chosen to homeschool while on short-term mission’s trips. Wherever and however you choose to educate your children, it is our joy to partner with you to help ensure that your experience is successful.

In Tennessee, there are two primary means of legally homeschooling. In option one, you, as a homeschooling family, may enroll directly with your local board of education. However, it is not the function of the board of education to see you succeed at homeschooling. Whether you have questions about curriculum choices, how to handle your toddler while you’re attempting to do school, or needing an official transcript sent to a prospective college, the board of education will not be able to help.

Never fear, there is help available to you! Option number two involves enrolling in a legal umbrella school. The Comenius School operates as a Category IV, church related school in the state of Tennessee. It is our job as well as our joy to help you succeed as you homeschool your child. Day in and day out we will walk with you as you educate your child in your home.

Call us today and set up an appointment to come in. Let us help you succeed.

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