Thank you for your interest in The Comenius School school. TCS offers a unique and flexible approach to the education of your child.

Homeschooling has a rich history beginning with Yaweh’s call to the children of Israel to love His instructions and to teach them to their children when they sat down at home, when they walked along the path, when they laid down, and when they got up (Deuteronomy 6:4-7).

Later, during the legacy of the Reformation, we see Jan Comenius, a man of faith and perseverance. He came to believe, through a life of hardship and loss, that the only way to truly impact and change society for God’s glory was to educate and discipline the youth. He gave his life towards this end.

Today, we have been given a wonderful opportunity to continue in this rich legacy. It is our desire to partner with you through a variety of programs and educational opportunities such as our K-12 tutorial, monthly student workshops, elective courses, parent/teacher training workshops, athletics, as well as our legal coverage for all your homeschooling needs.

Please, give us a call. Let us talk together and see how the Comenius School can serve your family.

In Christ’s service,

Jenna L. Coghlan

The Comenius School
An Umbrella and Tutorial Arm of Franklin Classical School

T:615.595.4374    F:615.595.5339


To learn more about The Comenius School and homeschooling, call our office at (615) 595-5337 to set up an appointment with Jenna Coghlan, Registrar.


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